Ballast water treatment on seagoing vessels

With the adoption of the Convention on Ballast Water Management the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has reacted to the problem, which has been known of for many years. In the future ballast water must be treated to reduce the number of discharged living organisms to a minimum.

The core of the ballast water treatment system CleanBallast® offered by RWO GmbH, Bremen is the disinfection unit EctoSys® which received Full Type Approval in 2010. Together with RWO CONDIAS developed EctoSys® equipped with diamond electrodes which is now produced in series.

The EctoSys® unit is extremely efficient and provides a reliable and sustainable disinfection during ballasting and de-ballasting even in most difficult ambient environments. The diamond electrodes mainly produce the extremely short-living and highly reactive hydroxyl (OH) radicals which eliminate bacteria and organisms.

Numerous sold systems in trouble-free operation prove the advantages and quality of the system.


Here you find a couple of brochures for download.

  • CleanBallast® – Das Ballastwasser-Aufbereitungssystem von RWO
  • Reference Peter Döhle-Schiffahrte KG
  • Reference Hansa Heavy Lift GmbH
  • Compagnie Maritime Nantaise