CONDIAS Process Development

For individual and innovative solutions in the fields Wastewater Treatment or Disinfecton CONDIAS Process Development offers a wide range of services.

Because of many years of experience and the implementation of numerous projects in different industries CONDIAS Process Development is the right contact for a joint development of customized solutions.

We offer:

  • Feasibility studies with low volumes
  • Optimisation studies for defining optimal operating parameters with volumes at technical scale
  • Pilot systems and follow-up analysis support at customer´s site

All tests are carried out with the original water matrix.

CONDIAS offers the advantage to provide tests and chemical analysis from a single source. Spectroscopy and ion chromatography of water specific parameters as well as a special laboratory for microbiological tests are available for this purpose.

Best contacts and co-operations with external certified laboratories and intensive information exchange with customer´s labs complete the range of analytic services.

The large number of DIACHEM® electrodes and cells which have been successfully developed and used are the basis for the efficient development of individual solutions.

The development risk of our customers is considerably reduced by using synergies, efficient processes, a wide range of experience in process development and our unique know-how in EAOP® application.

The following Projects (in extracts) were successfully completed and helped our customers to gain a significant competitive edge.