The MIKROZON® cell is CONDIAS’ smallest electrolytic ozone generator. By producing ozone directly from water, the disinfectant is produced exactly where it is needed.

Due to its small size, the MIKROZON® cell is suitable for small, household applications. The cartridge is easily replaceable in the cell on site.

MIKROZON® Electrode

with diamond coating


MIKROZON® Cartridge

– easily exchangeable



– robust, compact


You can decide whether the MIKROZON® cartridge should be integrated into your product or whether you would like to purchase the MIKROZON® cell or the MIKROZON® electrode from us.

If required, we support the integration process of the MIKROZON® assemblies into your products on a constructive and technical level:

  • Provision of 3D design data
  • Advice on the choice of operating parameters
  • Development work in CONDIAS’ own laboratory

MIKROZON® at a glance

Application areas

  • produces ozone directly in water and at the place of application
  • produces ozonized water for disinfection and sanitization of surfaces

Environmentally friendly application

  • Disinfection without addition of chemicals
  • Disinfection without residues of disinfectants

Easy handling

  • easy dosage due to current controlled process
  • easy change of the cartridge

Flexible use

  • versatile due to small form factor
  • fast and flexible integration

Advantages of ozone

  • better than UV: works through depot effect beyond the place of origin
  • no impairment of smell or taste after application

Disinfection with Ozone



The basis of our EAOP® disinfection process is water, electricity and electrolysis cells equipped with DIACHEM® electrodes.

When water flows through our disinfection cells, it is electrochemically converted to ozone, which eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi, thereby releasing oxygen. There are no residues of disinfectants.

The technology is based on DIACHEM® diamond electrodes, which generate ozone as a strong oxidant directly by electrolysis of water in our cells. This EAOP® process offers the following advantages for disinfection applications:

  • high disinfection rate at low energy consumption (20 – 100 Wh/m³), depending on the concentration of organic contaminants in the water
  • no additional chemicals required
  • can be used either as a firewall or for volume disinfection or biofilm prevention
  • no known or expected resistance to ozone due to biocidal mode of action

Application examples

Desinfection of surfaces

Disinfection of fruit and vegetables: Increased shelf life and fewer harmful substances

Dental offices: Water supply for dental chairs and dental tools; protection against recontamination

Disinfection of ice cube machines

Water dispenser: Protection against microbial contamination; ozone addition in the tank or at withdrawal

High-performance PC and server: Biofilm-free water cooling without additives

Reverse osmosis and disinfection at the tap: Pure drinking water from unsafe tap water

Fully automatic coffee machines, beverage machines: improved hygiene when processing milk; reduced maintenance