CONDIAPURE® Disinfection of Water Systems

Chlorine-free disinfection plays an ever more important role for industrial and private applications. Using the CONDIAPURE® technology ozone is produced directly from the water. A technology with many advantages.

A few examples are: ultrapure water (for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical applications), rinsing/cleaning baths (optical parts, printed circuit boards and in the automotive industry), tap water supply or luxury swimming pools.

The processes which have been used for disinfection so far are UV light and ozonisation.

The CONDIAPURE® technology is based on diamond electrodes which produce hydroxyl radicals and ozone as strong oxidants directly by water electrolysis. This special EAOP® process provides the following advantages:

  • high disinfection rate with low energy consumption, 20 – 100 Wh/m³ depending on the concentration of organic contaminants in the water
  • no additional chemicals needed
  • can either be used as a firewall or for volume disinfection
  • easy setup allows for low maintenance effort and easy adaptations to meet customer´s needs