European Union – European Regional Development Fund supports the research project Mikroozon

CONDIAS GmbH has applied for the project Mikroozon together with Fraunhofer ISIT and GO Systemelektronik GmbH. This project is funded by the European Union – European Regional Development Fund during the period of validity 01.04.2017 to 31.03.2020 with 40,00% of the actual eligible expenditure. The grant is dedicated to the development of micro-ozone generators for the production of ozonized water for disinfection purposes.

Project description:

Water electrolysis allows producing chlorine or ozone as disinfecting agents directly at the point of use. While this is already common in industrial applications and swimming pools, a significant market is also expected for small generators, targeting applications that require frequent disinfection of machine parts or working areas due to hygiene provisions. Within the project MIKROOZON, the CONDIAS GmbH plans to develop such micro-ozone generators based on diamond-coated silicon electrodes. Since the dose and detention time of the generated ozone in water depend strongly on mass flow, temperature and conductivity, Fraunhofer ISIT will develop a cost-optimized multi sensor chip in addition to the electrode substrates. As a part of the exchangeable electrolysis cell, the chip will provide data to a smart power supply until that will be developed by GO Systemelektronik GmbH to control the electrolysis process. Concrete application examples for this technology are beverage producing machines.