EagleBurgmann prolongs exclusive co-operation with CONDIAS

As a component which is essential for smooth operation in industrial facilities, power plants and shipping, mechanical seals must be capable of withstanding diverse conditions. Chemical, electrochemical, hydraulical or mechanical burdens can bring about a high level of wear in a short period of time. Replacement seals, and the downtimes resultant of necessary servicing and maintenance work, often mean significant costs for facility operators / shipping companies.

In the years 2004 to 2007, the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST, EagleBurgmann and Condias together developed an optimised diamond layer for mechanical seals. This coating system has been actively marketed from 2007 onward, and continuously improved within the framework of the proven partnership. The result we see today is a first-class high performance coating for plain bearings and mechanical seals – DiamondFace®, something which is unique in the world.

DiamondFace® mechanical seals and plain bearings are characterised by extreme hardness, a low friction coefficient, a minimum level of wear (which is often too low to measure) and a high level of thermal conductivity. The mechanical seals and plain bearings that are now used worldwide in shipping, the oil and gas industry, the semiconductors industry, the chemicals industry and the power industry are highly resistant in various stress situations and, at the same time, are extremely economical thanks to significantly longer running times – a quantum leap in mechanical seal technology. This is confirmed in an impressive fashion by constantly rising sales.

In the manufacturing phase, CONDIAS provides our partner EagleBurgmann not just with the know-how and the high-quality coating technology. We also operate the innovative production facilities.

The contract now concluded with EagleBurgmann for long-term exclusive co-operation in the domains of diamond-coated mechanical seals and plain bearings confirms the high level of trust in this innovative technology and our partnership. We look forward to continued co-operation which is certain to be very successful.