Fight viruses, bacteria and fungi

The spread of the coronavirus has shown us how important disinfection is. Viruses, bacteria and fungi can be found everywhere, on surfaces and in liquids. They spread on fruit and vegetables in the supermarket or in the hose system of a coffee machine. The use of chemical disinfectants is often problematic because harmful residues remain.

Use our products for simple and residue-free disinfection with ozone. The basis of our disinfection process is water, which is transformed when it flows through our disinfection cells equipped with DIACHEM® electrodes. An electrochemical ozone production eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi and releases oxygen. There are no residues of disinfectants.

Our ozone generators are available in different sizes. The smallest generator can be integrated into small systems such as spray bottles, while CONDIAPURE® is designed for larger industrial systems requiring higher performance.

We will assist you in finding the right ozone generator for your application.

Our ozone generators for disinfection


Our ozone generator MIKROZON® is suitable for integration into small systems such as spray bottles or liquid dispensers. The cartridge is easy to change.

Dimensions: 27 mm x 15 mm x 15 mm

Max. ozone diss./h: 90 mg

Min. flow rate: 0.03 m³/h

Max. flow rate: 0.09 m³/h

CONDIAPURE® – Type 150mg

Dimensions: 190 mm x 35 mm x 45 mm

Max. ozone diss./h: 150 mg

Min. flow rate: 0.09 m³/h

Max. flow rate: 0.30 m³/h

CONDIAPURE® – Type 1g-6g

CONDIAPURE® is our ozone generator for large-scale disinfection. It is easy to integrate into larger systems.

Dimensions: 505 mm x 145 mm x 100-130 mm

Max. ozone diss./h: 1-6 g

Min. flow rate: 0.6-2.7 m³/h

Max. flow rate: 4.2-15 m³/h